Support during the COVID-19 crisis
Logotech will be following the Government's recommendation that wherever possible people will be working from home. Support will continue to be provided using the following telephone numbers: 07799 315505 or 07736 704219. Alternatively, you can request support by email to

Could you please pass on this information to any of your team who may require this service.

Logotech Systems is a provider of solutions and consultancy in the Financial Services markets. Our areas of expertise include Treasury Management, Capital Accounting & Asset Management, Capital Planning, Leasing Management, Property Management and Claims & Risk Management for both the Private and Public Sector. In addition to these services, Logotech's tailored software has been helping Local Councils, Central Government and Housing Associations for almost thirty years to enhance their services, improve efficiency, manage market risk and maintain compliance with new legislation and codes. Expert staff are on hand to assist clients through the difficult task of Digital Transformation using a mixture of on-premises and Cloud based solutions and offering savings using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and other hosted options that are modified to suit the customer. Logotech consultants are on hand to offer advice, support and training in their specialist areas and to assist with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery/Contingency Planning. Logotech are leaders in system integration and have implemented interfaces with Treasury Advisors, Wealth Fund Houses, Money Market Fund Portals, Banks, Debt Management Office, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and other non-standard and bespoke packages.

Our reputation as a quality services provider has been built on placing the client first and ensuring that solutions and services are always a good fit. Continuous product enhancement to meet changes in legislation and practice, training and quality support has helped us attain a client base approaching two hundred and we have close to three hundred users of both on and off premises applications.

Our expert Product Managers carry out active regional user groups which provide a forum where clients may discuss all aspects of the service, from consultancy, training and support to the application, the technology and the market place.

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